Wednesday, January 31, 2018

I'm Doing Good

Omg 😲 so today has been awesome! God works in mysterious ways...
He knew that my deciding that today's genre of music that I would listen to would be gospel and it lead to this... Kirk Franklin's "123 Victory" played and I had a full blown praise! Not only that, God placed a new poem on my heart. To let someone know that no matter what He has them, so they're good! They need to believe that it's going to be okay!!!

I'm Doing Good 😊 
After I've been through,
Even when bills are due,
And payment didn't go through, 
I'm doing good.

When I can't seem to make ends meet,
Barely have food to eat,
One mortgage away from living on the streets,
I'm doing good.

Some days I'm late to work,
Other days I don't make it at all.
Kids sick,
And car won't start.
But...I'm doing good.

Got home,
And the lights won't come on.
The house phone, 
Well...that's been disconnected.
And nope, we don't have the internet. 
I'm still doing good. 

Not to mention the divorce,
And child support.
As if I'm not already facing enough,
I'm doing good. 

We've all been broke before, 
A few dollars away from being considered poor,
Maybe even had the police kick down the door,
But, we're doing good. 

Even when we don't have everything we want, we have what we need, 
Because God's grace is sufficient. 
Life may be tough, but God is strong, 
He will reassure you that you don't have to face this life alone. 
The battle is already won. 

And everyday is a new day to start new, 
I woke up so...I'm doing good!
I have life so...I'm doing good!
The devil will not defeat me,
God has already given me the victory! 

So, after all I've been through,
Every tear shed and pain endured,
I didn't give up and I'm still doing good.
And all the time God is good.

Maybe this poem touched you, maybe it is you or once were you. But, guess what? Now, it's all good. lol. God said in Romans 8:28, "And we know that in all things work together for the good of those who love him..." You will be alright. I just had a pep talk with myself on yesterday to affirm that I would be okay. You never know what someone may be experiencing or going through and they just need to hear that it gets all know the saying, "Trouble don't last always." We just have to believe it. Keep trusting that God will see us through. Just don't give up and do not let the devil thinks he has you. You are God's child and no weapon formed against you will prosper. Even when you don't think it will get better, remember that God is already working it out. So what you have had your share of troubles...I know what it's like to be down too. But, we have the power to get up and to keep moving. Everyday is a new day to start new and to have another chance to get it right. Another day to have a great day. Another day to experience joy and peace and to find your happy place. 
"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning," Psalm 30:5
Until Next Time,

"Hey y'all 123
Get up, we got victory
No weapon they throw at me
You know it won't prosper, no"
-Kirk Franklin

©2018. Kiara Giles. All Rights Reserved.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Twenty One Eight (2018)

"Goals give you more than a reason to get up in the morning; they are an incentive to keep you going all day."
-Harvey MacKey

Twenty One Eight 
This isn't about a new year, new me "oh I'm changing with the date,"
I'm still the same ole Ki, but I'm trying to live my best life, let me be great! 
In twenty one eight, 
I plan to be happy, I will accomplish a few things, don't underestimate, 
My ability to set a plan and dominate. 
I'm just trying to travel, perfect my craft, save a few coins, eat healthier and lose a little weight. 
While my mental concentrate,
On becoming a heavyweight,
With this journal and paper mate.
I'm just trying to elevate,
My life, my career, and my finances; so of course a few things and people had to evacuate,
And I had to re-evaluate,
What was really important, what it meant to self-motivate.
Because I learned that I could never let another dictate,
Where I was going in life and keep me stagnate.
Now, everything that crosses my mind I precisely contemplate,
Became me very own advocate,
For every goal, dream, plan that would help me accelerate.
I'm just trying to became my own boss, obtain an entrepreneur name plate.
All the while confirming a few panel discussions and book signing dates.
No more time to procrastinate.
In twenty one eight,
I'm all about the Kiara renovate.
Just might catch me in a few cities and different states.
At any rate,
I'm flying high like an airplane.
And I can careless who stands in my way and that's not up for debate.
I got me all day, everyday.
So, the best thing I did in twenty-one eight,
Was believed in myself, 
And turned up my self-esteem.
Which means, you can't humiliate,
Or deflate.
When you were never a running mate,
I'm chasing my own dreams, in my own lane.
Therefore, who are you?
Oh okay, check mate!

My 2018 Vision Board

"I didn't come here to be average!"
-Michael Jordan
If you made a new years resolution, so what? Do you. Do not let people down you for wanting to change your life or your circumstances. It is okay to want more and to do more. If you want to live your best life and be happy then tie that life to a goal and not to people or things. The only person you should ever compete with and try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. And when you put your mind to something and you know exactly who you are, what you will become, do not let anything anyone stand in your way. Create your best life and then own every  bit of it.
Happy New Year 🎆
Until Next Time,

©2018. Kiara Giles. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sex Me.

"Keep your heels, head, and standards high!"
-Coco Chanel 

My latest poem and it's perfect for Self-Love Sunday! When a woman realizes her worth, things change! 

Last poem of 2017...enjoy 😊

Sex Me.
If you want to make me orgasmic...
Focus on me outside of the bed,
Stimulate me without being in between my legs.
I need you to shower me with your time,
Intrigue me with your mind. 
Enlighten me with your wisdom,
Ease my doubt with your optimism.
Be nourishment to my body like you're my favorite meal,
Show me that a relationship consists of more than just "Netflix and Chill."
Bless me with your presence,
Don't try to flatter me with just presents. 
See, I like for a man to "court" me like it's going out of style,
Put in the effort, do things to make me smile.
Be supportive, encouraging, and kind,
Respect me, all of my body, soul and mind.
Share your aspirations, tell me your dreams,
Let's accomplish them together, be for me and I'll show you there's no I in team.
Care about me and my plans as if they were your own,
Be my personal motivator, reassure me when I'm right, correct me when I'm wrong.
Compliment me just because, tell me I'm beautiful, sprinkle me with love,
Make me feel like I'm the only one for you, like I'm the prettiest girl in the world.
I want to be lucky to have you in my life, 
But, I want a man who feels honored to one day have me as his wife.
Be real, be honest, be faithful and stay true,
Then I'll forever be loyal to you.
Don't just be a lover, be my best friend,
Let me into your world, cherish me like you never want us to end. 
Show me that chivalry is very much still alive,
Be a gentleman, come to the door and ask if I'm ready, don't text and say I'm outside. 
Be the type of man that you would want your mother or daughter to marry,
And everything you did to attract me, keep at it to keep me, don't be temporary. 
Know when to be serious, but let's laugh and have fun, 
Be a man of your word and then some,
If you're man enough to cater to my needs, deal with my attitude, and be sensitive to my feelings, then you sir will grasp the task of making me come...

"When you raise your standards, only the boys will disappear. The Men will step up to meet them!"
-Mandy Hale 


©2017. Kiara Giles. All Rights Reserved.